Bullis campus map
New Lower School South Hall renovations North Hall renovations Loop Road Discovery Center Blair Family Center for the Arts Marriott Family Library

New Lower School

Lower schoolers will have a state-of-the-art building designed to maximize their learning—a space they can truly call their own. Fly through the new Lower School building and see the intentionally designed spaces where Bullis’ youngest learners will learn and grow.

The new building will be a modern, light-filled, environmentally friendly beacon of elementary education and features spacious homerooms; a Lower School library; a makerspace; cutting-edge movement, art, music, and science classrooms; space for math and reading specialists; outdoor learning areas; a counselor’s office; a nurse’s office; an administrative suite; and more.

When it’s time for recess, a turf field, two sports courts, and a playground will be hubs for play and community building.

Every space, indoor and outdoor, has been designed to maximize learning and social-emotional wellness. And thanks to the building’s central location, they will be able to convene with older students for cross-divisional learning and community-building activities.

South Hall renovations

Bullis School South Hall

South Hall will be renovated, including the addition of a science lab, and will serve as the home base for the entire Middle School. They will also have a dedicated space in the Marriott Family Library and a makerspace in the Discovery Center.

North Hall renovations

North Hall will receive design upgrades and necessary improvements to best serve the students and faculty who use the space. Bathrooms, windows, roofing, plumbing, and more will be updated.

Loop Road

The new loop road is a separate yet necessary campus project to accommodate the growth of our school. This new road will increase our capacity for vehicle stacking on interior roads during drop-off and pick-up times and alleviate traffic congestion along public roads.

Discovery Center

Bullis Discovery Center

The Campaign will free up additional learning spaces for Upper School students in the Discovery Center.

  • All Upper School science classes currently taught in North Hall to move to the Discovery Center.
  • All math classrooms will be in the Discovery Center, allowing the math department to continue to grow.
  • Study and community spaces in the Discovery Center will become available to Upper Schoolers, helping to reshape the culture of the building to be a true communal gathering space.

Blair Family Center for the Arts

Blair Family Center for the Arts

Classrooms in the Blair Family Center for the Arts that are currently used by the Middle School will be dedicated to Upper School students.

Marriott Family Library

Marriott Family Library

Classrooms in the Marriott Family Library that are currently used by the Middle School will be dedicated to Upper School students.